Years of Scripted Phrases for a Climate Denier


The Professional Denier's script
Purpose is to delay organized reaction that could limit carbon fuel consumption

For optimal delay - try to prolong time between each statement, begin:

"There is no such thing as global warming"
"OK there is some warming
        But the science is still not certain

"OK most ALL Scientists agree that there is warming
        But some scientists do not completely agree.

"OK I see that you don't really need to be a scientist to see the warming
        But it is not warming everywhere

"OK I see the data says average global temps are warming
        But your data collection is flawed

"OK I see that data has been collected for years just about everywhere
        But not the oceans, the oceans are still just fine

"OK I see the oceans are warming most everywhere
        But Antarctic ice is increasing

"OK I see the Artic ice is melting, and Greenland ice cap too.
        But that is natural cyclical change

"OK I see that there is no regular cycle to explain our industrial age
          But global warming is not really caused by humans

"OK I see the warming may be greatly enhanced by humans
        But we cannot possibly do anything about it.

"OK maybe we should try to do something about it.
        But it won't be a problem for another century

"OK maybe it is smarter to face the problem sooner rather than later,
        But we should not be overly concerned or act with too much haste

"OK we should be really concerned and start to act right now
        But we should not be too anxious or worried

"OK we should be worried
        But we should certainly not be alarmist

"OK maybe we should sound the alarm,
        but we should not panic.

( "OK that should delay things for a few decades, can we have our paycheck now?)
Richard Pauli 9-08

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