Suborning Murder, Encouraging Mass Suicide

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Suborn 1. To induce (a person) to commit an unlawful or evil act.

Hey EnergyTomorrow, API and the entire fossil fuel industry - we have to speak out.   You suborn murder by heavily promoting carbon fuel usage.  You actively encourage species suicide.

You have known for decades that CO2 causes global warming.  And you know that fossil fuels are the major human source of CO2 greenhouse gasses that cause catastrophic heating.


You hide it from consumers, you deny the science and you secretly fund skeptics, and now you seek political support for your carbon fueled campaign of mass suicide.

Science pretty much knows now that we are a doomed species.   It will be a tough life for all our grandchildren, and we cannot expect many humans after that.

And you continue lying when you could have been educating and researching and deploying non-polluting energy.   Now your momentum traps us all.

Your most evil act is to discount the danger and continue promoting ignorance and doubt.   You have pushed the world into total adoption of carbon based fuels, and like big tobacco you covered up science and distracted your market, and now you are groveling for political support to keep your industry going through the chaos ahead.


More than any other industrial segment, yours - oil, gas, coal, all the CO2 carbon fuels - are the most directly responsible for the end of our species.  You continue to worsen the struggle and cause an early death for our progeny.

It is no comfort that your grandchildren are just as doomed as mine.   Eventually we will all be dying for your sins.   But now we know, and we will neither forgive nor forget this mass murder for money.

Richard Pauli   July 4th 2009

1 Comment

I certainly hope you have printed this out to snail mail copies to the execs at API! Maybe a copy to some newspaper editors?

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