The moral decay of the American Petroleum Institute


The American Petroleum Institute (API) just got caught astroturfing.   The biggest fossil fuel trade organization now wants to stage events to undermine the climate bill.


They want to further prop up carbon fuel usage prior to the climate change treaty in Copenhagen in December.   API President Jack Gerard sent out a memo to their members - oil, gas and coal companies - that was so blatant that one member leaked it to Greenpeace. API said they will provide API the up-front resources to contract “a highly experienced events management company that has produced successful rallies for presidential campaigns, corporations and interest groups.”  

API is acting parallel to the work of American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) who forged letters to Congress and has started teabagger efforts to disrupt Town Hall meetings   We do not know how long or how deep this goes or whether they share the services of the DC lobbying firm Bonner & Associates.   After a long and effective history of astroturfing, Bonner has been caught falsifying lobbying letters using the name and stationery of others - in this case the NAACP.

Not content to just deliver energy products, the fossil fuel industry has tasked trade organizations and PR firms with funding deceptive scams to fraudulently lobby against the pending energy bill.

These domestic oil, gas and coal companies deserve blame, having delivered most of the CO2 emissions responsible for our catastrophic global warming.   For decades they have intentionally cultivated scientific ignorance and now the latest fraudulent public relations deception demonstrates a treasonous disregard for the future of all humans.


The carbon fuel industry has been lying, cheating, defrauding Congress. deceitfully manipulating public opinion - and now appears to be in an active conspiracy.  Now ethical discussions seriously address reducing green house gas emissions.   The carbon fuel industry - as represented by API - is morally bankrupt.   Jack Gerard, the president of the American Petroleum Institute, should resign immediately.

The carbon fuel industry continues to poison our future, yet seeks to increase our carbon consumption, and worse - now runs an AstroTurf scam to oppose energy reform.   At no other time in history has one industry so blatantly and dangerously traded the future of all humans for a short term commercial gain of a few.   This is worse than any industrial mass murder, this is global genocide.   All the globe will suffer for their actions, including the fossil fuel industry leaders themselves - making their action both evil and stupid.

By their actions, they have lost their right to do any future business.


The only course now is for all carbon fuel industries to be immediately nationalized.   Henceforth, carbon fuels should be used only for the manufacture and deployment of non-polluting energy systems.   Any other use of carbon fuels should be severely regulated, restricted and heavily taxed.   Only this scientifically ruthless action can address the pressing emergency need.

For decades, the fossil fuel industry has run a deceptive campaign of disinformation and delay.   The problem is far, far worse because of their contemptible duplicity, misinformation and secret manipulation.   The fossil fuel industry, as represented by API has lost the privilege of doing business-as-usual.   They have corrupted our will and stolen the future of the planet.

With worsening climate changes looming - despite CO2 curbs, API should listen to its own members and stop promoting a carbon-caused doom.

Addendum 9-2010 This is the subject of serious ethical discussion.


Dear No,

There is more you should know but I don't know if you will like it.

Why didn't you comment on Maria Shriver driving a two ton, 17mpg Cadillac and not a Geo Metro by GM that gets 45mpg? Pro 87 should have mandated all liberals drive smaller cars. There was no need to tax oil production to achieve less co2 etc... Mandating 45mpg cars for democrats would have been more effective and efficient. Yes? No?

Rachel Maddow drives a two ton, 18mpg truck. Biden drives a three ton, 16mpg truck. Obama bought his 4th suv and not a 4 door 45mpg Geo Metro by GM. Yet they all hate Exxon... Why not comment on the users? If us liberals ( 50 million voted for Gore ) would drive vehicles that got double the gas milage we could save 500 MMt a year. Yes or No? Prove me wrong. The democrats did this, not Exxon. So I guess the API is not a evil as you say. The letter from Jack is weak and like the one I have from the Sierra Club's secret meetings. Got it on film... So stop making Jack the enemy. Try something new.... More to come for our new film about energy and liberals...Thank you. Joe Vecchio, liberal democrat.


Nope. Rachel Maddow does not advertise and promote the further irresponsible use of carbon fuels.

You might look for the upcoming book "The Perfect Moral Storm"

In his upcoming book, A Perfect Moral Storm: Climate Change, Intergenerational Ethics and the Global Environmental Tragedy (due in 2010 from Oxford), Gardiner expands on the complex ethical and moral issues that climate change presents for today’s and future generations....

...What are the objectives in dealing with climate change? “The answer as to what to do about climate change depends on your objectives. For example if your objective is to do the very best by the interest of a high-consuming elite in the western world in the next 20 years, the answer is not very much, if anything.”

“If we want to protect the interest of future generations and vulnerable species, it frames the question in a very different way.”

So it really depends on your goals Joe.

Thanks. But I need more logic. The NYTimes still advertises Land Rovers, Cadillacs etc... but no Yaris or Aveos. Is Rachel doing a report on this. MSNBC advertises the 18mpg Land Rover and the Caddy. She says nothing. Who is her audience? Rich people like myself? Exxon doesn't do this, do they? Rachel does promote CO@ profiles. Us liberals aren't perfect. Her show on electric cars, ( did you see it? ) was so under educated, we energy experts laughed. Her show failed to educate so people could move to a smaller co2 "bass". She has a DR. in Political Sc. That is not good. If she was an engineer I would be more accepting. I know what you are saying, you are sincere, but tell that to the Sierra Members I filmed driving their suv's, luxury V6 cars and minivans to a meeting. How did Exxon promote this? As you know the life cycle of a car is approx. 10 years. So in 2020 where do you want to get the gas for these Cash for clunker cars that liberals bought? do you know how much gasoline can be saved if we had 1 million electric cars on the road? GM will be making the trucks and vans democrats will be driving in 2020. Therefore if the life cycle of a car/truck is 10 years, then in 2030 we still will be needing gasoline from oil. Where do you want too get this oil from? Angola, Nigeria? Algeria, Middle East? So as a liberal democrat, I say we should increase DOMESTIC oil production 1 to 2 MBD by 2030.
It doesn't matter what one believes. WE will be using oil for the next 50 years. Drilling here gives national, energy, economic, etc.... security. Rachel had a choice. She never bought or supported the small cars GM built in the 1990s to 2009. So I disagree that she doesn't promote oil....Her friends party with her and they ride around and this promotes oil and image of being cool...Why didn't Rachel criticize MTV? I don't see fuel efficient cars being driving by the kids in SWEET 16, REAL WORLD, and CRIBS. MTV did this with Rachel's blessings. She never did a show on this. WHY? EXXON and the API didn't conceptualize these shows. LIBERAL LIKE US DID. Do you really believe she doesn't promote OIL...???
Chine and India are buying oil explor. companies until they transition into alternatives. We should be doing the same. Chaos will creat more CO2. To hate oil to the degress you do is going to fail. CAFE failed. fuel efficient cars always exited. us liberals where too cool and "HIP" ( NYTIMES ) to buy one.

As a liberal democrat that wants liberals to criticize ourselves first, then bitch at EXXON and the API.

Joe Vecchio writer/director of WHY I LEFT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND JOINED AL QAEADA, An energy satire about liberal energy policies. 87 min. Skaneateles Lake , NY


Thanks for your thoughtful interaction. I think you are right about how many of us fail to walk our talk. And if I were a widely famous person, I would hide my carbon uses like a fart in an elevator. Only public disapproval will force change. That may happen fairly soon. Personally, I cannot wade into Rachel Maddow's display - she is a performer and will do as her career track dictates.

Right now I find the SuperFreakonomics dust-up far more fascinating... It is an newly released book, about to be a best seller, and it is horribly wrong on so many levels. you might want to pic up on it at

Meanwhile, I have to salute your tireless needling of those people

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